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Well, we are businessmen group, years experienced in INVESTMENTS on World Stock-exchange. Our trading scope is focused on Commodities and Indexes. Ofcourse, we monitor trends of selected world-currencies (called Forex) and other specified indexes in other Continents.

„Time is Money“

As it's known, since the capitalism has been arrived, that's the fact „Time is Money“ and we keep this. We are trying to input the transaction in optimal time and after attainment short-term "target limit" we are getting out very quickly, of course, with the profit.

intra-day trader

We are, so called, intra-day traders, it means business-men, who buy and sell, who open and close our transactions during every business-day. In exception-case, we keep from time-to-time open-positions on exchanges more then 24 hours. So our rising of investments could be checked realy daily. This is the cause and our advantage compared to positional share-brokers. Our investments aren't long term fixed.

Zhodnocovanie peňazí

And so we open very smoothly the door of our business, helps which You can ensure Yourself that the money could be rised another way then bank deposit, especially, they process so funny small rates this time, which is labelled after-crissis time.

Úspešná stratégia

Prostredníctvom našej vlastnej a s potešením môžeme povedať, že už dlhodobo úspešnej obchodnej stratégie, ponúkame aj Vám možnosť zhodnotiť Váš kapitál.


The success with Nanotraders®

In our business mean, the word nano-account represents the account with minimum deposit, which would be sign
Your investments on World Stock-Exchange like realy amateur and so You won't be successful.


The stock (or shares) is an exchange trading paper, which via buying by You is giving You a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings.


The term forex means Foreign Exchanges or international currency market, it's the foreign currency trading. This trading is the most marketable in the world this time. It offers hundreds combinations of trading, currencies.


Indexes are according to mathematics and statistics like numbers, which are showing us relative comparison of time-, space- and other various facts- indexes.


What are the commodities? That's the raw material, goods... A couple of ordinary things arround us, like wheat, corn, sugar, gold, alluminium, sometimes cattle, cement, rice or bananas...

Zhodnotíme vaše investície.

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Why nano

Nano-technology is this time the quickest developed science-branch.

In our business mean, the word nano-account represents the account with minimum deposit, which would be sign Your investments on World Stock-Exchange like realy amateur and so You won't be successful. Ofcourse, stock-exchange charges and balance of rates of exchange would be devastating for Your accounts. The investments with Nanotraders® are for Your deposits safe, without any exchange charge..., but Your Yields are significant!

We know that generaly all people don't understand to stock-exchange rules and relations, to patterns, graphs, derivates, trend outputs, indicators, time-frames and to many and many other terms. They are a part of serious stock-exchange business. So our helps, You will be realz successful trader. Your minimal deposit 10000.-€/£/$ opens the door to our Nano-world, to the World of Nanotraders.


ONLY 1% of Your Deposit on Nanotraders® account.

Our PriceList is very simple and realy understandable. Our price of all our products, offered to our clients, is the same.

1 percent of Your deposit in Nanotraders account contains entire financial service for You, by us. We mean money transfer rates, administrative charges, taxes..., because You've got Your Nanotraders account.

And that's all. Nothing more...

Just 1% of Your input and after every accounting period You'll get Your contracted monthly rent!!!
And later..., if You won't continue with the traiding with us, let us and it will be running Your last 30-days cancelling term. Then You will get Your money back.
Note, please, Your whole inserted deposit into our business will be back on Your private account, as You wish. Nothing more, but nothing less either...

IT IS O.K., isn't?

Typ účtu

Nano účet

Mikro účet

Mini účet

Beta účet

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10 000 €

20 000 €

30 000 €

50 000 €

Nad 75 000 €

Mesačná renta

0,35 % z výšky Vášho vkladu

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1,00 % z výšky Vášho vkladu


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